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    Directions: Write an announcement to welcome student to join a club at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese.




    Do you want a different life against what you ever have? If so, join us.

    Our club is just for young people, whether boy or girl. And our club is named_______, where you can find ______ during the time when you are with us.

    In our club, there will be great fun _______, for example, sometimes we will get together to have _____, which is not only one style. We may have different ideas from all the members in our club. Sometimes maybe we can have a travel near our school. Of course if you want to go far away from our school is also ok. In our club, you will make new and more friends, and your life will be richer and more colourful. I can assure you that any time spent in our club will be a memorable experience.

    If you went to join us, you can go to room 201 in A Building or contact us by e-mail.

    Thank you.

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