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    With the destruction of human beings, the pollution of industrial enterprises and the destruction of the natural environment, many birds have lost their homes, animals have been killed in large Numbers, and the creatures in the water have died in large quantities. Every day the animals live in fear, fearing that bad luck will happen to them. The chairman of the whale, the chairman of the lion, and the chairman of the eagle are very anxious.

    Finally one day, the lion and the eagle, whales together, after some plot, a loud roar together, telepathic sound wave respectively convey the information to the ground, the sky and the sea, the animals received signal quickly rushed to the sea side for the meeting.

    The animals have been talking about: what are you doing at the meeting today? Yeah, it's a mystery.

    The lion chairman finally spoke: cough, silence! Then the whole scene became silent. Seriously, chairman of the lion: the call everyone to come because to tell you a good news, that is what we can leave this planet, we are going to go to the place where is full of vitality and beauty of the world, there will be no pollution, no hunting! The animals clap their hands in excitement, some old people are low and thoughtful, some shake their heads and sigh.

    Then the elephant secretary said: of course, we need to make a ship to other planet, about five days or so, you better get materials, making craft, after two days we will set start here!

    The action must be united and concerted efforts to make the ship good in the shortest time. The eagle said

    Whale chairman eager say: everyone elected representatives of several smart, as the ship manufacturing work, later I will send you across the sea of a piece of flat land, there are plenty of materials.

    To the other side of the sea, the ship's chief designer ninja turtle — Michelo made a drawing for each animal, so that everyone could follow the above instructions.

    Elephants are responsible for transporting water and building underground ocean rooms and bathing rooms. The mole is responsible for digging up oil and storing energy for the spacecraft. The gorilla is responsible for cutting down trees and decorating ships for the birds to inhabit. The eagle was responsible for taking steel from the steel plant and making the shell of the ship. The teenage mutant ninja was responsible for painting the paint. The monkey is responsible for picking fruit and cooking food. The grizzlies are responsible for pulling weeds and radishes to feed the herbivores, and some small animals bring the food they have stored in their homes, and they are not happy about it

    Why, there is a spaceship here, it is so beautiful! "Exclaimed one of the felling workers. He just wanted to check it out at , and he was caught by the eagle: the hateful, get out of here! Why should I leave? I just want to go in and have a look, no harm. Hum, the devil believe, it is because of you to cut down, destroy environment, we are forced to leave here, wait and see, have you good-looking! Huh? We look good? Wait another 10,000 years! The woodcutter then ran away.

    The eagle called for the lion and the blue whale. What happened? The blue whale asked the hawk. Oh, no, we're going to go. There was a lumberjack who discovered our secret. He must be running back to tell someone about it now. "Said the eagle anxiously. The lion went on and said, hurry up and set off immediately! The teacher of the teenage mutant ninja turtle, sprint, came to the three chairmen and said, "wait a minute. Let's take a second look at the ancient earth that the grandparents grew up in." These days old people are all tea and rice, after all to this earth affection is deep! Sprint, you're crazy! Man knows that this thing will stop us.

    The whole world knows about it. At this moment, the elephant is leisurely and leisurely in the bath room bubble bath, blue whale say: what is the responsibility, rice bright and cheerful chilo's craft is so bad, even airstream don't know to hide. The blue whale looked up and saw that the elephant was pressing it. Damn it! Jump out of me!

    The elephant just jumped to the side and heard a scream, you crushed me! Damn it! The elephant is not good to say sorry to the little turtle, I'm sorry to say that it jumped down to the next port

    Look! Very little penguin in the game in the icehouse sledding, ice skating, polar bears are homemade ice lolly, gorillas in the weight room game who is the real hercules, little bear, dog, cat, Mickey Mouse and rabbit playing pyramid them to come at the end of the life is full of endless longing.

    On the contrary, the old people are not so happy, they are very reluctant to the former piece of land, they shed tears quietly.

    At the same time, humans on earth had the woodcutter take them to where they had seen the ship. But the land was empty and there was nothing. But they never thought that the animals were eating a big meal at the alien's home, because they had to live in peace with aliens

    Since then, the human race has paid a heavy price: no more birds chirping, no small animals running happily in the forest, no fish to play with. Human beings feel that life is not fun.

    the ing 坚强的作文
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